Eight Days, a novelI received my copies of Eight Days last night. Seeing your story in a book is always fun, but it’s scary too. When you create something, and really put your soul into the work, it’s difficult to expose yourself. I’m fairly internal, and I like my privacy, but I also believe that creativity should be shared. I believe it’s a gift, and while it may be satisfying for the artist, creative works must be shared so others can take what they need from the work. Once they are created, they are no longer ours. They belong to others who may look at the creation and grow or heal, or simply may enjoy the work. I get frustrated – no saddened – when I think about all the books, short stories, poems, and art that we’ll never see because the creator can’t share their work. There are reasons for this, including fear and lack of confidence , but I wish more creators could find the motivation to create and then the courage to share. If you have a story, share it. If you can paint or draw, do so and let others see it. If you’ve been given the gift to create something beautiful or important, I hope you’ll fight through your doubt and let the others see what you have given to them.


Originally posted April, 2016

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