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Packing the West

Packing the West

Recently I acted in one of the Packing the West documentaries, which are a series of educational films used to introduce kids to the people of the American West.

The documentaries were produced by The Homestead Foundation, the Western Writers of America, and other sponsors, and they describe the project as an “educational enrichment program designed to inspire in students a curiosity about the history of the American West, an appreciation of literature, and the desire to understand society at the time, and how it relates to today.”

It was rewarding to work with some of the leading experts in American West history and novels of the West, a dedicated film crew, makeup and costumers who changed my appearance, and resilient actors who braved changing weather conditions.

We filmed in southeast Colorado at Bent’s Old Fort, which was a thrill for me because the National Park Service has been dear to me since I interned with them many years ago while in college. The rangers and staff at this park are not only historians but actors too.

Learn more at the Western Writers website.

Photo of Scott Thompson as William Bent by Wanda Price

Bent's Old Fort
Bent’s Old Fort
William Bent
William Bent

The American West

I’m taken with the American West. So much so that my next novel takes place in Colorado of the Old West in 1865. It’s the story of a Confederate soldier who leaves his home in River Falls, Georgia for Colorado. He doesn’t know what awaits him, but he’s sure it’s better than what he left behind.