I know more now than I did before. I suppose that’s true for all of us, at least the ones who are trying. Maybe you learn even if you’re not trying. Life has a way of pushing lessons on us, even when we don’t want them. It seems like the powerful and wealthy don’t learn, another reason to stop electing the powerful and wealthy. We really are smarter than them.

I inherited a bit of common sense from my father and my uncles, all were graduates from Ivy League universities of hard knocks. They were ready for life by 18 – maybe 13 – while it took me much longer. The generation now is still struggling at 30. Life is easy for most these days, and, like the wealthy, easy lives flame a lack of learning.

I can’t generalize much more than that. I was still figuring it out well into my twenties. I spent my thirties apologizing for my twenties. There’s value to wasted years. It’s a learning tool. As I said before, life has a way of pushing lessons on us, even if we’re trying to avoid those lessons.

I’ll keep learning, and I suspect I’ll disagree with some – maybe all – of the words I write today. I have a theory that the moment we figure it all out we die, so there’s a reason for holding onto bits of ignorance.

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