What Was Mine Is Now Yours

I read an interview with Paul McCartney the other day, and he was talking about the meaning of a song he wrote with the Beatles. When he was writing the song he was inspired by events of that time. What it meant to him, the writer of the song, was completely different from the meaning the song had for me. But, you know, that’s okay. Art is supposed to be subjective. Like my friend, Dr. Leverett Butts, once said to me, “It doesn’t matter what the author meant. It matters what they said.” And, what the creator of a work says will be heard differently by different people.

In about a month my new novel, Eight Days, will be released. Many events in my life inspired the book, and I saw what I needed to see while writing, but when others read the book it will have different meanings to them. And, for some, it will mean nothing. That’s fine too. Every single creative work isn’t meant to appeal to everyone. But for some it will have meaning, and the book will then be their story. Or maybe it will be your book. What was mine will soon be yours.

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