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I’m proud to announce my new novel, Eight Days, will be released in early 2016. I’ve included the synopsis of the book below. This is the fourth book I’ve written, and the second that will be published. The other two books were learning opportunities, and something of a catharsis. This is nothing unique, I’m sure, and I think writing is a truly Zen activity that brings one closer to their real self. Everyone should create in the way that is best for them. It can be anything that allows a person to focus on something deeply satisfying. Anything that centers your mind will do, including music, art, or even something like gardening or woodwork.

Eight DaysScott Thompson author
Clive Kinsella lived a good life. He had a family who loved him and he was never without a job, a place to live, or a warm meal. But Clive died unfulfilled. Despite all his gifts he could only see what he didn’t have. He never wrote for a big newspaper in a big city. He never traveled the world. In fact, he never got out of his small Southern town. And … he never faced the ghosts that haunted him.
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