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My great aunt had a car like this in her driveway. Her station wagon was not in perfect condition like this car. In fact, her car was rotted to the ground and used to store old pieces of wood. My dad would say that two door station wagons were rare, and he wanted to restore the car someday. He never got a chance to restore it before it melted into the ground, but he did see the hidden beauty beyond the poison ivy and dust that clung to the car. Even though it was just a station wagon, it was built with a love of design, creation, and style. Read More



I received my copies of Eight Days last night. Seeing your story in a book is always fun, but it’s scary too. When you create something, and really put your soul into the work, it’s difficult to expose yourself. I’m fairly internal, and I like my privacy, but I also believe that creativity should be shared. I believe it’s a gift, and while it may be satisfying for the artist, creative works must be shared so others can take what they need from the work. Once they are created, they are no longer ours. Read More


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Scott Thompson, Eight Days


Eight Days

Life’s short when compared to eternity, but eternity is only worth it because of life.

Clive Kinsella lived a good life. He had a family who loved him and he was never without a job, a place to live, or a warm meal. But Clive died unfulfilled. Eight Days, a novelDespite all his gifts he could only see what he didn’t have. He never wrote for a big newspaper in a big city. He never traveled the world. In fact, he never got out of his small Southern town. And … he never faced the ghosts that haunted him. At his own funeral Clive meets Pachu, his grandfather who had died years before, and with Pachu he begins a journey through his life where he has to finally face his greatest regrets and agonies. But, if Clive can’t overcome his regrets he’ll be forced to wander the place between Heaven and Earth. Each day Clive revisits events in life in a sort of spiritual recording, the same events that took him from being an optimistic young man to a curmudgeon. For every day he overcomes he gets toStairway to Heaven visit a place on earth he never saw before, and the reader is taken to places like Half Dome in Yosemite and Venice, where Pachu and Clive discuss existence and the meaning of life. After his eight days Clive takes on one final challenge of life in a climb to the top of a mountain above an enchanted valley, where the gate to eternity awaits. In Heaven Clive meets loved ones who had gone before him, and the events of his life come together to make him the man he’ll be for eternity.


Young Men Shall See

And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.

Joel 2:28

Sometimes peace means silence,
and justice means murder

Life for Gus Ambrose in the small community of River Falls, Georgia, is a constant struggle to seek wild adventure, understand the mystery of love Young Men Shall Seeand escape the pervasive boredom of high school. On the surface, River Falls is a peaceful and perfect world a mix of quaint southern charm, happiness and safety. But the scars of the past have a way of working their way to the surface and slamming headlong into the present, shattering innocence and revealing the worst humanity has to offer.

Set in the 1980s, segregation in America had been legally abolished for a generation, but many still struggled with how black and white fit together and existed integrated in word, but still segregated by old habits and underlying emotion. Young Men Shall See follows Gus and his friends as they navigate this new world, and learn the hard way that actions have consequences, and real justice can mean going against everything you once believed to be true.

As the friends grapple with the ideas of love and prejudice, they each cling to their sense of right and wrong. But when one of the friends is unexpectedly killed, anger and frustration swell and push the group to take action. In the face of unimaginable corruption by the local authorities, the friends are galvanized into a force capable of rescue, grief, and even murder.

This Southern gothic coming of age story shows the ugly underbelly of evil that exists even in the most tranquil of towns and how events and raw emotion can push each of us past the point of no return.


Eight Days, a novel            Scott Thompson

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