Now that we’ve all had some sleep, let’s get back to reason. My candidate didn’t win. I’m okay with that and even optimistic now. We might actually get something done. Or the world will end. Either way, I’m fairly adaptable.

I cried when Jimmy Carter lost. I was eight, and people made me believe that Reagan was going to start a nuclear war (My generation grew up knowing we’d die in a nuclear war). But Reagan didn’t start a nuclear war. Instead, he destroyed Communism, and he’ll go down as the best president of my lifetime (despite what some try to make you believe).

I haven’t cried about my candidate losing an election since Carter. Know why? Because I’ve made my own life. Obama didn’t end America, like many said he would. Bush didn’t end America, like many said he would. Both left us worse off, or flat, but life continued. Bill Clinton was a lot of fun to watch. For my generation, he changed how we see presidents, and made us believe anyone could become president. Which, in hindsight, was probably a bad idea … but still.

What I’m saying is that there has never been a president that affected my life all that much. When I’ve screwed up – and I’ve really screwed up a few times – it was my fault. It wasn’t President Clinton’s fault. When I’ve been successful, it’s been because I made good choices, worked my butt off, and surrounded myself with people better and smarter than me. It wasn’t Reagan that brought me success when things went well. I did it on my own, and I did it with the help of people who cared about me personally. People who knew me. Trump doesn’t know me. Hillary doesn’t know me. Reagan didn’t know me. They don’t know or understand you either, but the people who love you do.

America is strong. We are not Germany in 1933. Germany was weak. We have a system that protects us from dingbats. Obama didn’t bring in social rights. You did – our society did, and the Supreme Court interpreted our adaptable Constitution for our modern society. We will continue and we’ll get better because we’re adaptable. We’ll continue because America is the best idea in the history of humanity. People have been predicting the end since about 1776. It hasn’t happened yet.

American will be fine, and so will you.

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